London Gypsy Traveller Unit - North and East London boroughs

London Gypsy and Traveller Unit

"Seeking to support, empower and represent Gypsies and Travellers on all levels"

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I am a journalist, researcher, film maker, student or photographer and I am interested in information about or contact with Gypsy and Travellers for a project I am working on. Can you provide me with information and or put me in contact with a Gypsy and Traveller family?

Q. Can I do volunteering work for the London Gypsy and Traveller Unit?

Q. Where do Gypsies and Travellers live in London?

Q. How Many Gypsies and Travellers are there in London?

Q. Do Gypsies and Travellers still travel?

Q. What are the main problems which Gypsies and Travellers face?

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  • To increase opportunities open to Gypsies and Travellers living on sites, on camps, or in housing in North and East London Boroughs, through community development, advice, advocacy, training and youth services.
  • To ensure that Borough policies include Travellers and Gypsies in their policies and the Travellers and Gypsies have services appropriate to their needs.