London Gypsy Traveller Unit - North and East London boroughs

London Gypsy and Traveller Unit

"Seeking to support, empower and represent Gypsies and Travellers on all levels"

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Publication and Resources

In addition to the vidoes shown on our Youtube Channel we have made the following DVDs which can be purchased for £10 including packaging and postage. Please contact

  • Grounded was produced to highlight how legislation and developments in public and private sector provision had closed in on the Travelling community, leaving the young generation with no choice in how they live. Recent clauses in the Hackney Act 2004 have acknowledged the need to plan for sites for future generations. See
  • Going Home was produced to show how a group of young families living in Hackney, East London, have come together in order to continue their traditional way of life and create a positive future for themselves and their children.
  • Getting Out is about The London Gypsy and Traveller Unit’s youth work with Irish Travellers.
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  • To increase opportunities open to Gypsies and Travellers living on sites, on camps, or in housing in North and East London Boroughs, through community development, advice, advocacy, training and youth services.
  • To ensure that Borough policies include Travellers and Gypsies in their policies and the Travellers and Gypsies have services appropriate to their needs.