London Gypsy Traveller Unit - North and East London boroughs

London Gypsy and Traveller Unit

"Seeking to support, empower and represent Gypsies and Travellers on all levels"

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Youth Work Programme

I have learnt that I really want to do this for my future….. I did not think I could do this, but now I know I can. I want to go back to college and make a proper future for myself. Aged 16


Youth Work Programme

Hackney Impact Summer Project

Youth Work Programme


Our vision is that the young Travellers we work with learn to accept themselves for who they are rather then waiting to be accepted by others. We want them to become self-assured, independent adults. We hope to achieve this by aiding them to have a sense of ownership of the groups they attend, by taking an active role in the planning, evaluation and decision making of the youth work programme.

What we do

We deliver a unique youth work programme through our group work and training initiatives for young Travellers. The young people trust us to help them to embrace choice, make decisions and participate in a wide range of activities, whilst respecting and maintaining cultural difference and integrity.

Our Objective

Our aims are to create a safe and stimulating environment for young Travellers to develop self-expression and social skills. Also the opportunity to inspire and realise their potential, to contribute positively to the communities in which they live and discover meaning and direction for their lives.